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Best Furniture Disposal Company in Singapore

The fire source that broke out at a Toa Payoh void deck was reportedly a discarded sofa, which residents say had been sitting there for two days. The fire cut power to the entire block of flats for almost a whole day. While nobody was seriously injured, the incident is a painful reminder of the importance of properly disposing of unwanted bulky furniture.

The furniture disposal service in Singapore consists of picking up the bulky unwanted stuff from your place and then load them onto to service van. Latter, they do the transporting & recycling of the waste in an environmentally ethical manner. They are ready to get rid of small to large pieces of furniture. Just name the type, the size, weight, and the volume, and they take care of it.

Five important reasons why you need disposal services in Singapore:

  • Hoarding: If you are familiar with the word, you probably are guilty of it. Some of us are sentimental and thrifty, which is not wrong. So we tend to stash away things we feel are too wasteful to throw, and we often think one day we might need it (although we always never). So this stuff accumulates over time and before you know it. It becomes a problem to deal with.
  • Moving to A New Home: New homeowners are always excited when moving to a new home. The dining table you have had for the past eight years isn’t going to match your new home design. It is the time when you need new furniture’s to match your new home. Everyone loves the feeling of moving to a house in a renewed and renovated environment.
  • Spring Cleaning: It’s the time of the Chinese New Year. Friends and relatives will be dropping by to visit. You want your home to be spick and span and rid of any unpleasant sight. It is time you de-clutter your home. All the unused paper bags, broken Tupperware, old electronics, storeroom junk, old shoes, and clothes, CDs, broken treadmill/massage chair and many more. It is just the time to call and appoint furniture disposal service in Singapore.
  • Old Furniture: Things get old. The sofa that you slept on during the couple quarrels has worn out over the years. Beds get squeaky. Outdated designs, broken table legs. Furniture’s do get past their life cycle due to wear and tear, and that’s when they need to be recycled for a new lease of life.
  • Singapore Is a Fine Country: As you know, Singapore is a Fine country; illegal dumping is a serious crime. If convicted, offenders can be fined up to $50,000 and jailed for up to a year, or both. Repeat offenders can be fined up to $100,000 and jailed between one and 12 months. Don’t be fooled by someone who claims to dispose of your furniture ethically. Find a Licensed disposal company because you don’t want to get implicated and have peace of mind.

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