Bulkywaste Items Removal Service Singapore

If you wish to get rid of trash that is too big and bulky to fit in trash cans, MK-Mover offers the best in the business bulky items removal service. Whether it is furniture pieces or some appliances, we help you get rid of them by offering our most efficient and professional bulky item disposal service. Our team of highly professional people ensure proper collection of waste materials, it’s safe treatment and quick disposal. Using our bulky item removal Singapore services, you can keep your home or office premises clear of bulky trash and ensure proper hygienic conditions.

MK Movers offers full-service bulk waste removal services in Singapore. Our expertise lies in:

  • Bulk residential disposal
  • Bulk commercial disposal
  • Bulk disposal for sensitive and confidential documents.

When do you call us?

Moving home or office can be dreadful and interesting, both at the same time. Dreadful because of all the bulk materials that you do not wish to carry to the new place. We understand an emotional connection, but junk and clutter should not be moving into the new place with you.

As long as the expertise of MK Movers is there with you, there are absolutely no reasons to fret or worry. We are specialized and licensed to remove all heavy objects in your residence and office, including furniture, bathroom, and kitchen fittings, construction debris, heavy electronic items, renovation debris, and more. Whatever be the shape or size, we will not advise you to try and remove the objects yourself. Instead, call us for safe removal and disposal. If you call in the Town Council or decide to use the services of the Public Waste Collectors for bulky item removal, you would need to pay separately for disposal of bulky items under the regular disposal services offered by the Town Council.

Bulkywaste Items Removal Singapore
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